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Welcome to MBFloyd
This is best place to learn how to make amazing sculptures.

My name is Michael Floyd and I have been making balloon art for over five years. It started as a way to earn some extra cash, but it soon grew into an obsession. I found that I was very gifted in the art of twisting. It wasn't long before I was making complex and amazing sculptures. When I started out, there weren't any good sites to learn from. So I decided to create this website for others.

From animals to vehicles to cartoon parodies, from written instructions to picture galleries to video clips, we have everything you will ever need to learn how to make wonderful balloon art.

Well, except for the balloons, you have to get those on your own. Oh, and the pump, you'll need a pump if you can't blow them up by mouth. A marker would be nice to have also. I suggest a sharpie, but as long as it has a soft point and would not pop the balloon, it will do. Kids should also have a parent to watch them, just in case. Plus an audience is always a nice plus.


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